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My Lord, My Friend



God and Jeremiah battled continually to return the people of the land back to honoring God. For years and years God stood aside amidst wickedness and evil. They heard not the word of the Lord’s warning of famine, plague and the power of the sword.

What made him suddenly declare, ’Nevertheless’ I will bring health and healing to the earth and let them enjoy abundant peace and security. How gracious and forgiving, how accepting and honorable. He promises to rebuild, offers prosperity and cleansing of all sins. What depth of power he sends forth from his heart of love.

Yes, who can fathom God’s heart of love for his people. We ourselves often find difficulty hearing the words of love and ‘taking them in or holding them in’. The images of HIS love are seen so clearly in the Bible yet we are unable to…

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Your Times Are In God’s Hands

His grace and mercy

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

God is shifting you, to what you REALLY, REALLY, WANT. Recently, I had ordered something for my son, with a guarantee from the manufacturer, the item would be here before Christmas. As the time, was approaching closer, I was notified, “There would be a slight delay, and the item would now be delivered a day later, but still before Christmas.” I began to pray heaven over the situation. Then I received another notification, “Due to major backup in orders, the item will now be delivered the day of Christmas.” I kept praying heaven over it. Also each time, I was notified, the company would add a compensational credit to my account. Then for the big whammy, I was notified, “The item will now only be delivered, after Christmas.” I was devastated and disgruntled. So I called them back to only hear, they were sorry and could…

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Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘Ishiah 9 Verse 6’


My Lord, My Friend


Isaiah 9 verse 6:

“For a child will be born for us, and the government will be on His shoulders, He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace”.

What a wonderful time of the year, the world celebrates Christmas, without really knowing what they celebrate. The celebration is about Christ Jesus being born as one of us, so we can be free from the power of sin. The birth is an expression of of God’s love, that Christ Jesus would come down from His throne of Glory, to be clothed in flesh like ours.

Christ Jesus, always existed, in eternity with God The Father and The Holy Spirit. It was Christ Jesus who created us and everything there is {John 1 verse 1 to 5}.

The Creator came to pay the price that separated The Triune God from Their Creation because of sin.

This verse…

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How To Manage Stress

Trust Your Faith And Don’t Lose Focus!!!!!

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

It’s a stressful time we are living in right now. With everything being broadcasted 24/7 about what is happening in the world and the normal stressors in everyday life, sometimes it all can become a little much. In my personal life, 2017 has definitely taken a stressful toll on my health. Earlier this year I became crippled by it until I found a few extremely helpful tips for conquering any stressful situation thrown my way. Everyone gets stressed, it’s unavoidable, so let’s all learn how to properly deal with stress and come out the other side a more positive calm person.


The first thing I try to do when faced with a stressful situation is breathe. I’m easily worked up and prone to anxiety so breathing is crucial to focusing my mind. When breathing is not…

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